Trend alert!


plural noun: constellations
  • a group of stars forming a recognizable pattern that is traditionally named after its apparent form or identified with a mythological figure.

Stars, planets, comets, space it's all on it's way through fashion, home and garden.  

It's time to start thinking about investing in a new colour palette pastel greys, naturals, lemon and light blues will map out the pattern shapes and highlights layered with deep navy and bright whites and metallic gold and silver detailing.

What products will be available on the high street?

So far, we have found many wall papers sporting this trend, interior lighting to match, rugs, tables, mirrors and home decorations.  Big fashion designers such as Louboutin have also tapped into this theme and created a range of fashionable clothing, jewellery and shoes.

Break the boundaries

With this theme, you will find high-contrast constellation designs and unexpected placement, sending your OCD levels through the roof.  Be openminded and break those perfect design boundaries that we have all become accustomed to.